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Best Corporate Online Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is a big deal. Getting your business online, you’re never safe from cyberattacks. Despite a common belief that cybercriminals target only major corporations, it’s usually small companies that fall victim to them due to poor security measures. If you’re looking to bump up your business’s security online, these solutions will keep your data protected on a budget.


Need a one-size-fits-all solution? With ESET, you’re free to choose what devices you need protected. With only one bundle, you can cover all computers and phones in your office, as well as servers and accounts. Customize your package however you want.


A perfect entry-level option for a small business, with a wide range of affordable and free tools. In addition to the basic features, like internet security and antivirus software, you can also prevent malware from reaching your corporate network, remotely monitor your team’s work, and more. 

Lookout Mobile Security

This solution focuses more on protecting handheld devices. It’s always on guard and ready to shield your gadgets from all types of threats, from viruses to hacks. Apart from that, you can always keep an eye on every device in the network. 

Stay Safe Online

Another multi-purpose solution that covers all aspects of your company’s online security. It’ll explain everything you need to know about assessing risks, monitoring threats, training your team, and more.

Online security is all about strong, complicated passwords. This website offers you to take a step forward and randomize all passwords used within your company on a regular basis. Maybe it’s not the most convenient solution, but your safety is worth it.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Using a wireless LAN connection at the office is quick and simple but poses a bigger threat than connecting every device through a cable. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector will make sure no unauthorized user will access your corporate network.


Another great way to keep your files safe is to encrypt them. AxCrypt does this job perfectly. You can choose between 128-bit key encryption in the free version and a 256-bit one in the paid version. The software won’t affect your ability to exchange files within the network.

FCC Small Biz Cyberplanner 2.0

This solution will come in handy if you have no idea where to begin making your cybersecurity plan. Cyberplanner 2.0 will automatically generate a suitable plan based on your needs. Whether you’re worried about data security or frauds, FCC’s planner has got you covered.


Have you heard about DDoS attacks? They overload your site, causing it to freeze, potentially leading to devastating losses if you operate an online store. NSFOCUS will make sure your portal will never overload.


This service protects your network from malware, DDoS attacks, and more for free. It’s also capable of assessing your visitors’ reputation, weeding out potential frauds.