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How Can a Redaction Tool Can Protect Your Sensitive Data in VDR?

Software security in a broad sense is the property of certain software to function without various negative consequences for a particular computer system.

Redaction Tool as a Protection from Vulnerability

A vulnerability is a lack of software that an attacker can use for their own selfish purposes. Vulnerabilities in software related to system security range from errors in local implementation and errors between procedural relationships to higher-level deficiencies at the design stage.

Detecting software bugs that affect the correct execution of a task is quite difficult, and detecting errors in the security system is even more difficult. Security vulnerabilities can lead to a single program being used to overcome the security limitations of the entire system.

The situation is even more complicated with vulnerabilities introduced at the project level. It takes a lot of experience to detect an error at the project level. Therefore, it is very difficult to find such errors and even more difficult to automate the process of this search. Design level errors are the most common, but they are given the least attention when evaluating the security of software code.

Protection vulnerabilities depending on software bugs are possible to classify as follows:

  1. Buffer overflow. This vulnerability is caused by a lack of control over the memory array during program execution. When a limited size buffer overflows when writing a very large data packet, the contents of the extraneous memory elements are overwritten, and the program crashes and crashes. According to the location of the buffer in the process memory, there are buffer overflows in the stack, heap, and areas of static data.
  2. Vulnerability of “corrupt input”. These vulnerabilities can occur when user-entered data is passed to an interpreter by an external command without sufficient control. In this case, the input data can be set so that the running interpreter does not execute the command that was provided by the authors of the vulnerable program.

Protect Your VDR and Sensitive Data with Redaction Tool

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