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How to Protect Your Privacy and Your Devices as an OnlyFans Creator and Subscriber

OnlyFans is a platform where you can host content through a paid subscription service. It is used by musicians, fitness instructors, cooks, etc. This article will tell how to keep your privacy safe as an OnlyFans Creator and Subscriber.

OnlyFans: the concept of the platform

OnlyFans platform significantly increased its ratings with the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns. The service, which works on the principle of a paid subscription, became even more famous after allowing adult content. However, the main feature of OnlyFans is the lack of censorship of erotica and pornography, which attracts many sex workers. Most social networks and platforms like OnlyFans prohibit the posting of adult content, forcing industry workers to seek refuge elsewhere. OnlyFans Creators and account holders must be verified by providing documents proving their identity and legal age. After receiving permission, users can maintain their profile and publish any content. They set the rules and conditions of use and can filter people who sign up for a paid subscription. To support attendance, creators regularly update the page with new materials, conduct conversations with subscribers, and promote their accounts on other social networks.

The emergence of OnlyFans has enabled many creators to get their platform where they can be independently realized. Many people use the service as another platform for self-presentation, but for many, it has become the central place for career development. The platform has a lot of competition, so those who come here already have a name and a large fan base get the most success.

The peculiarity of OnlyFans is that creators get their community, where they conduct exceptional communication with fans. Many people like the fact that the content is personalized. Regardless of the blog’s topic, fans receive unique materials that are not widely available. In addition, OnlyFans allows you to send additional content in private messages for an additional fee.

Security and privacy on OnlyFans – how to protect your content

You can only register in OnlyFans as a Subscriber or Creator. The social network administration guarantees a high level of security and applies the most modern technologies to protect authors. In addition, several settings are offered to combat hacker attacks and content copying. But if passport data remains closed, then photos and videos are open to users; they can be stolen.

The OnlyFans developers have done everything so that the authors’ personal data (which are indicated during verification) remain confidential. The basic security measures include:

  • All user information is stored on a separate server and encrypted. The data on transactions carried out through their payment system and not tied to profiles are also protected.
  • To keep your account safe, OnlyFans offers a two-step verification option. Here you can enable the Authenticator app, and each time you sign in, you will be asked for a one-time code that can be obtained through the IOS or Android apps.
  • The platform’s tools allow you to automatically apply watermarks (for example, a link to your account) and set privacy settings to control who can view posts.
  • Authors on the social network can access additional features to protect their accounts. You can control what subscribers see, enable private mode, and block countries, IP addresses, and individual users. It is possible to turn off private messages or comments.

Thus, the site has convenient features for privately sharing content with supporters and various monetization methods. However, the principle is not much different from other crowdfunding platforms.