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Is Total AV Free in 2020? Get This Review

Despite all the discussions and controversy, Total AV is a very popular antivirus. Does it have a free version? We will find out here. Recent results from the independent testing labs have proved the software is trustworthy. According to them, Total AV delivers high levels of detecting malware and other threats. Today we’ll learn more about the software in this Total AV free review.

The general specs

  • Users can now pick between several versions. One of them is free, others depend on the set of features included. Let’s focus on the free Total AV edition.
  • The free edition installs the same way any other does. It supports main operating systems like Windows and macOS as well as has apps for Android and iOS devices. The installation process is very easy. A user simply runs the installation file and follows the directions. It takes a few minutes.
  • Total AV has a user-friendly interface. It’s beautiful and simple enough even for beginners. There are several modules, each containing certain features. They include Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Protection. It also indicated the condition of the modules as well as if any actions are required. A user will observe the change of the color from green to yellow or red.
  • The main window already has shortcuts to the most popular features. However, the list is rather short since the free edition is very limited.

What does free Total AV offer?

The antivirus a user may use without purchasing the license has only malware protection and basic features like a disk cleanup or a system boost. However, in case a user wants more, he may upgrade to any premium plan and get a VPN, Ad-Block Pro, identity protection tools, optimization features, etc.

The security core protection is the same for all versions. It’s based on the SAVAPI engine. This one has already proved its reliability preventing Trojan, spyware, ransomware, and other kinds of malware from getting to the users’ devices.

Using the Settings, a user may adjust the details. It includes whitelisting certain apps or sites blocked by the program. However, one should do it only if absolutely sure it’s safe.

The interface also allows performing several kinds of scans including a manual scan. Set up the latter whenever it’s convenient to double-check your device is intact.

Does Total AV have customer support?

Total AV took that into account and assembled a team of professionals. The support team is available 24/7 via a live chat or phone. They are experts in removing tech glitches, billing issues, and other problems you might come across while using this antivirus.

Does Total AV offer enough value for the money?

Taking into account we are discussing the free version, the answer is yes. You pay nothing and get good protection for your household devices. It’s natural a user doesn’t get any extras since most free editions have only the core protection. So, in case a person is searching for more features like a VPN, a personal firewall, etc., he’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan.

The Verdict

Total AV appears to be a good antivirus nowadays. It still has some issues and minor drawbacks but in general, the quality of services is decent. Independent testing labs proved it’s legit. Users can even get a free edition and enjoy them free of charge. On the other hand, premium plans offer even more tools and utilities for complex protection.